Honor H.P. Lovecraft at These Providence Attractions

Legendary author H. P. Lovecraft once called Providence home. His attraction to the New England city was so strong that it heavily influenced his work.

The narratives created worlds of monsters and beings that lurk beyond space and time. As his short stories grew in popularity, he earned his name as the father of weird horror. Lovecraft's influence is vast and has inspired many to follow his creative vision.

If you're looking to tap into the mind of the famed author, here are a few locations near our apartments in Providence, RI that are reminiscent of his work.


The Providence Athenaeum stands three stories tall and dates back to 1838. It has been a muse for many great authors, Lovecraft included. The oversized front doors give the impression that the building is larger outside than it is inside. Upon entering, you'll quickly realize this is not the case. The walls are covered from ceiling to floor with books. The self-guided tour is no longer than 30 minutes and is strongly recommended for anyone wanting details about the Athenaeum's rich history.


The Ladd Observatory is a public astrological observatory and national landmark. Located at 210 Doyle Ave, it's a good way to honor Lovecraft's invention of Cosmicism, a fear of being insignificant in the vast cosmos. Whether it's brooding over man's role in the cosmos or stargazing, the Ladd Observatory is a must-see. Be sure to check tour times and dates here.


The Lovecraft Arts and Sciences Council hosts a 4-day event for experts and enthusiasts. Between the 22nd-25th of August, symposiums are held to discuss all things Lovecraft. According to their website, the NecronomiCon is a place for spirited conversation. Its aim is to discuss the influence Lovecraft's work has had on the world today.

Whether you love books, museums, or theaters, Providence has something for you. If you're looking to live near the heart of it all, contact us today.