Step Inside a Providence Thrift Store

Uncover unique finds and buried treasure at a thrift store near our apartments in Providence, Rhode Island.

Here are a few of our favorites:


Located at 252 Thayer Street, Spectrum-India is a treasure trove! There is a wide variety of beautiful clothing, as well as jewelry and handmade bags. The collection of incense and essential oils is impressive, as are the gorgeous soapstone incense holders, candle holders, and oil burners. Browse their collection of intricately designed, handmade, decorative pens and don’t miss the beautifully hand-carved boxes. There is a lovely collection of singing bowls and wind chimes, as well as beautifully created tapestries. There is so much to discover at this great thrift shop!


This quirky store is located on 144 Broadway and is a local favorite. It’s known as a collector’s paradise, a great place to find vintage and retro art and collectibles. The furniture collection always includes some great pieces that are in high demand. Retro clothing is popular at the store, especially its variety of rockabilly bowling shirts and dresses. There is also a popular vintage collection of CDs to sort through!


This fabulous shop is at 236 Wickenden Street and bills itself as “a cabinet of curiosities, collectibles, & more.” There are three floors to wander through, a huge collection of all kinds of vintage, historical, and amazing oddities. On the walls hang vintage theater masks, historical posters, and vintage signage. Fabulous furniture holds more treasures, everything from vintage kitchenware to mid-century highball glasses. It’s a great place to go for collectibles, like action figures from the 1950’s and more.


Located at 145 Broadway, this store is known for its atmosphere, hearkening back to days gone by. Antiques, vintage prints, and kitchenware, collectibles… there is a little bit of everything in here! The owner is very friendly, willing to go the extra mile to help you find just what you’re looking for, perhaps sharing a little story or two about some of the things in the store. The retro clothing and jewelry selections are local favorites, as are the vintage kitchen items like mixing bowls and tableware.

With endless places to shop, dine, and unwind, Providence truly has it all. Contact us today for more information about River House!

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