The Best Healthy Restaurants in Providence

New year, new you. That's what you're hoping for anyway. City living can be tough on a diet, especially when grabbing a slice is so much easier than counting calories. Thankfully, healthy eateries are thriving in Providence. Not only can you eat healthily, but your selections can also be surprisingly delicious. Forget about a diet consisting of nothing but rice cakes and steamed broccoli. Take a look at a few of the healthy options available near our apartments in Providence, Rhode Island.


You might not immediately think of a burger joint when trying to stay healthy. The only reason for this is because you haven't been to Luxe Burger Bar. This restaurant is known for their "build your own burger" option which gives you the freedom to get exactly what you want. Try a lean turkey patty with avocado or a veggie burger with fresh greens. Your friends won't mind tagging along either even if they're not on a diet. There's something to fit every personality at Luxe.


There are a few thoughts that cross everyone's mind when they think of health food. For example, small portions, bland flavors, and boring vegetables. Improving your health shouldn't be something you dread and neither should vegetarian options. The Grange is a vegetarian restaurant that caters to those who would prefer to remain meatless. Even if you don't want to give up the bacon completely, stop by for brunch. The delicious menu will have you planning a second trip before you pay the bill.


If you're looking for something unique for dinner, consider Lamei Hotpot. Rather than ordering a tradition entree, share a pot of broth with a few friends. This pot of steaming broth is completely customizable. From thinly sliced meats to healthy tofu, you can make sure your body gets all the nutrition it needs without feeling like you're missing out on something. Lamei Hotpot has delicious options as well as an outside the box dinner idea. Why would you keep doing the same thing when you can have fun with something new?

Providence is a great city brimming with culinary options. While living at River House, you can experience fine dining while still being able to pay attention to your diet. Contact us here to find out more about what River House can do for you.

Craving another healthy option? How about tacos?! If you cut back on the cheese and swap in salsa and veggies at Xaco Taco, you'll experience something flavorful and nutritious. Learn all about it here.